Bullshit Free Business

Creating momentum, getting results

Are you struggling with your business? Feeling stuck? Not even sure where to start?

Are you plugging away but still don’t have any customers and, therefore, still aren’t earning enough money?

It doesn’t have to be that way, you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

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Do you feel like a slave to your business? When we start our businesses, we go with gusto.

Quickly, we find ourselves running out of time. Time to get everything done. Time to achieve our goals and time for our personal lives My name is Michael Griffiths and I am a business coach with a difference

Why would you need me?

My experience in business has taught me many things…

It has taught me that entrepreneurs are often too busy to achieve everything they want to achieve.

Time and energy management is my speciality and what that means for you as a business owner is that I can help you to figure out where and when to spend your time and energy, and how to do so effectively.

When we work together your focus will become sharper and easier to manage, your productivity will skyrocket, you will learn to set better goals, and we will create a clear and concise plan of action.

Running a business is hard work. Running a business and still having a life can seem like an impossible task. But I promise you it is not.

I have helped hundreds of business owners. I've helped business owners to be more productive and get more done. I've helped business owners to make more money. And I've helped business owners to create a better and more sustainable work-life balance.

No more muddling through or just getting by. Now is the time to take decisive action and change things for the better

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So, what is the ‘Bullshit-Free Business’ prgramme?

The BS Free Business programme is designed to help you create a stable business. We will strip everything right back to the very basics, without those skills you cannot progress onto more complex areas.

We will come together 1:1 over zoom over for an hour once a week, every week. In that time we will create a plan of action that will lead you and your business towards success. We will lay the foundations for a solid business that is built to last. There will be no fly by night operations, no sleaze, no scammy tactics. Just solid, actionable advice that will kickstart your business to elevate you out of the trenches so you can focus on what you do best, serving your customers.

Whether you are just starting or wanmting to level up, all you have to do is fill in the form below tyo get started.

If you have a dream and an idea but no clue how to execute then this programme is perfect for you. If you are feeling stuck and want to level up your business and life, then this programme is for you. This programme is the very thing I wish was available when I first started in business but wasn’t.

This programme is only £600 per month and I only allow 10 people onto the programme at a time so I can ensure that everyone gets the best possible results from it. Spaces are limited, your potential is not.

I’ve been helping entrepreneurs, just like you, to make better decisions with their time and energy since 2017 and I’ve been running businesses since 2014. Nobody does this better than me, you couldn’t be in safer hands. Let’s come together and change your life forever.

Create the future that you truly deserve; take the first step by starting your application

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